Mommy Life

I’m getting myself adjusted to being a Mommy – I don’t want to “change” who I am just “adjust.” Ava is my whole life. She means more to me than anything. But I am also a wife, a daughter and a teacher and a friend. I need to keep my life balanced. There’s one thing I learned after going back to work was that sometimes I need “me time.” My husband has been amazing with allowing me the “me time.” So sometimes I just like to go shopping or run errands by myself. I’ve gone out with the girls a lot, yesterday we spent the day at a co-workers pool. I know my life will never be the same but it’s important to do things for you! (Daddy too!)

Breast feeding: I was doing great! I pumped at wake up, at work 2x a day and before bed. I was making enough to freeze and had a great stash going. We fed Ava a bottle of formula at night. Ava stopped nursing once I went back to work 😦 .  I was going to stop for back to school anyway but I kept getting lumps at the end of July from not clearing out enough. I couldn’t do it any longer. I weaned myself off the pump in about 2 weeks. Ava has been on partial breast milk and formula for another month up until this week when my frozen stash ran out.

Baby #2: Since having Ava (it took 3-4 months) my husband is finally on board with having more kids. Coming from the man who said he could probably do without them. He loves Ava so much and we talk a lot of having more. We have discussed it and we will go back to the specialist in Feb. try IVF again in April or May. He does not like to talk about it in detail and I think he is dreading the process again but the idea of having more Ava’s running around is so enticing. But he will go along with just about anything for me. I’m sad, our doctor left the practice so we will have to choose a new one but I have high hopes it will work again with a fresh ivf cycle (I honestly can’t remember if I have any frozen embryos, if I do it was only one). I would have loved to give it a try this month to have a baby in the spring but our insurance won’t cover another round until 1 year after a successful live birth. 😦

Weight loss: I gained a whopping 48lbs I am down 40 pounds since having Ava – only 8 more to go (I’ve been stuck at 8 more lbs all summer haha) But with two weeks left, I’m back on the weight loss wagon. Mostly just counting calories and watching what I eat. Trying to walk with Ava at least once a day. I don’t want to drop fast, the slower I do it the more likely I am to keep it off. I’d like to be pre pregnancy weight by Oct or Nov.

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10 thoughts on “Mommy Life

  1. We’re on the same page for #2. Originally I was thinking FET next summer but now I’m thinking sooner. Mackenzie has become so much fun and I would love to give her a sibling close in age to her. I think I’m going to take myself off BC in the next couple of months and see what happens.

    That’s awesome you only have 8 more pounds to go! I wish I could say that. I lost a bunch, put some back on and am now focusing on getting it off again.

    I agree 100%, balance is SO important! 🙂

    • We only have a 2% chance so I never went on birth control. I figured if I got pregnant naturally, yay for me! lol I think 2 years apart is good, my brother and I were two years and we’re pretty close (even growing up).

      • I agree about two years! I originally thought 2.5 (2 years in school) but now am thinking I’d like them 1.5-2 years (1-2 years in school) apart. I also know I struggled with the newborn phase, granted I learned a lot about myself and what I can do differently next time, so I’d like to have another before I talk myself out of it.

        That’s awesome about you and your brother. My siblings and I are spaced a part quite a bit so we aren’t very close. I don’t want my daughter to have to deal with that. I want her to be close in age to anymore children we have.

  2. You look fantastic and don’t need to lose 8 more! Lol. I lost all the baby weight plus 5 more pounds but now I’m losing weight I gained after our wedding 😧..but I still got this round pouch with slight stretch marks to lose lol

    I’m trying to wean Daniel and it’s so hard for us.. He absolutely hates formula 😩 you and I have complete opposite scenarios .. Ugh

    Yay for more babies, I wish you two the best in trying again 😊 we want more but we may wait another year. Daniel was tough with the colic and acid reflux and he’s still not sleeping thru the night. But I wouldn’t change it ❤️

    • I can’t get rid of the pouch either! Now I know what my mother has been complaining about for 30+ years ha! I hope Daniel weans soon – Ava taking formula was relieving. Have you tried other kinds??

  3. You look great! I have about the same to lose. As far as siblings go, we’re still on the fence. He mentioned maybe trying again in June. I’d like a 3 year or so gap. My brother and I are 3 years apart and get along well. If it’s less, I wouldn’t be opposed either.

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