The return of…. Ava

I have been MIA from blogging since March. I find that I lose track of time with Ava and the hectic world our life has become! But I wouldn’t change it for anything!


Last 5 month recap:

I went back to work on May 3rd – my superintendent denied extended leave. So we put Ava in a different daycare (the one we had on hold was for Sept. They didn’t have openings for May). Ugh she did awful with sleeping at daycare. They were nice enough people but short list: starting feeding her to sleep, let her sleep in swing and it was too big of a room with too many older kids. Ugh end of story, I could do a whole post on how much I disliked them.

So I taught the last 8 weeks of school. By teach I mean, do as little as possible because I have a 4 month old at home 🙂 Only half kidding, thankfully the end of the year is a little easier and not as much pressure. My husband and I have had the last two months off for summer and have had so much fun hanging with Ava! So much fun!

IMG_1340 FullSizeRender FullSizeRender_3 IMG_1817

Ava at 8 Months

My little girl is 8 months old. She is growing so fast! I can’t believe what she has done for my life and my husbands. It’s amazing when all of your dreams come true after a long almost 3 year wait!

We are cloth diapering and I wouldn’t have it any other way! She looks so cute in her little fluff butt! Ive gotten used to the cloth and boy does it save money. Ava had a small yeast build up so I used disposables for 2 weeks, OMG I can’t believe how many I used! Normally we use them at night or if we go out for the day. Daycare is willing to use them as well, which is nice since I spent the money on them. Now I can get my investment worth!

Likes: crib, exersaucer, walks, solid food,

Dislikes: hates the car seat, does not like to snuggle! (poor me, it makes me sad, but it proves she’s mine hah)

Teeth:Ava has 2 teeth. We started using the Amber Teething necklace. Hubby is convinced it works, I’m still waiting. So far, she hasn’t been as cranky as that first day!

Food: We make all of our food home made (with an occasional organic baby food pouch for on the go) Ava does not like avocado but otherwise eats everything like a champ! 4 oz at breakfast, lunch and dinner! I have to mix the veggies with fruit but she’s got quit the pallet with spinach, squash, chickpea, mangos. I stopped breast feeding about a month ago (Ava stopped breast feeding when I went back to work so I pumped) I kept getting lumps from not emptying out enough and I just had to stop. So up until 3 days ago Ava was getting frozen breast milk. We switched to Baby’s Only Organic formula. I feel less guilty about stopping because it’s organic.

Sleep: at night 12 hours-ish, as soon as she find her thumb she’s usually good. Once and a while we have a bad night and she’s up. Definitely needing to CIO a little bit – she doesn’t cry for more than 10 minutes.

Accomplishments: Ava is sitting up and going from belly to sitting up and sitting up to belly. She tries her damndest to crawl but can only manage an awesome plank or an army crawl. She pulls herself up to a standing position (right at 2pm nap today) so we had to lower the crib this afternoon.




Swim class 

IMG_1511 IMG_1513

Race Day!


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