12 Weeks Post Partum

OMG still not healed from vaginal delivery! I was doing much better, only taking ibprofin when needed usually after a long day on my feet. I over did it a bit I guess on Tuesday because yesterday and today I have been in a lot of pain. Took two 800 ibprofins, haven’t done that in weeks. So I went to my follow up with my OB and as I already knew, I was not healed. The speculum was inserted again with extreme pain. She explained how cauterizing will heal the process faster. So deep breath, 1, 2, 3.. and holy shit it burned! It felt like pin pricks but when I sat upright the burning grew worse. She said the tissue should come off/heal in the next few weeks. I go back in one month. I’m still in pain, lounging on the couch for the day. Husband might have to take the day off tomorrow to help take care of Ava.

On the plus side, extended leave! I got my doctors note and sent it to HR. I have to figure out specifics with how it works with maternity leave. Either way, going back on April 6 is NOT HAPPENING! The doctor wrote me out until May 1. I am not missing work. This time of year the kids are insane, literally!


Ava is doing amazingly well! She sleeps 8-10.5 hours a night (last night was 7.5 but that’s not the norm). She goes to sleep around 8-8:45 – she does not go down very well. Every time she spits out her pacifier, we have to put it back in but she’s usually asleep by 8:45. Then she wakes up between 7-8. A couple of times a week she is up at 4ish but I don’t think it’s for hunger because most days she sleeps through. I feed her anyway, she’s probably still around 10 lbs – I want her to gain more weight.

She is a delight during the day taking one long nap and 2-3 shorter 30 min naps. Plays on her gym/floor mat and giggles and coos. She’s also gaining more neck control and holds her head up to look around. She gets a bit cranky in the evening, she lets us know when it’s time for bed.

Ava, her cousin Avery and Uncle Paul



4 thoughts on “12 Weeks Post Partum

  1. Oh goodness I hate that you’re still on the mend from the delivery! Hoping you’re feeling better soon!

    8-10 hours is awesome!! We’re averaging 7-8 the first stretch at night which is just fine! I know it’ll get longer when she’s ready to drop another feeding and eat bigger amounts. I’m just excited we hit the 10# mark today!

    I took your suggestion and bought a couple halo swaddle sacks. I wasn’t sure what size to get since she’s small yet so I bought one nb and one small. The nb should fit her for a month or so, and if she grows out of it I have the small. Pretty soon she won’t need them anyways but right now she does sleep better with something around her!

    That’s awesome you’re out of work until May 1st! Enjoy it! I go back April 8th 😦 which is less than 3 weeks away now! Time sure does fly!

  2. So jealous of your being out till May 1!

    Clara just hit 11 pounds Monday at 13 weeks. She still eats every 2-3 hours, and lately has been thrashing around every 2 hours at night.

    • I just heard from work, they won’t pay me to stay out until May 1 – so the money we’ve saved will go to staying out… it’ll be worth it though! I’m still waiting on details from work.

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