2 Months – Ava Carolena

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Little Ava Bean is 2 months old! I can’t believe our little girl has been here for two whole months. If I were going back to work I’d only have 4 more weeks left 😦 Thankfully we saved enough for me to take some more time. I’m hoping to stay out the whole year until June and return in September but we will see where we’re at financially when May/June roles around.

It has been miserably cold here – we’ve been stuck in the house most of February. There is so much snow on the ground and side walks we can’t go for walks. It has been so frigid we don’t go outside due to frost bite! There has been negative wind chills. I can’t wait until this melts and warms up a bit. My friend Jill just had her baby two weeks ago so we have visits every week. Another one of my friends came for lunch with her son Gabe. He has spina bifida so she stays home with him to work on physical therapy, he’s 9 months.


Meeting Julia for the first time

Husband was home last week for Feb. vacation – we did a lot of relaxing, had dinner at his parents, went food shopping, nothing special. Although, we had our first night out together for a friends wedding. We almost didn’t go because there was ANOTHER blizzard that day. However, the snow stopped late morning and the wedding was in the evening. We took the SUV and the main roads were cleared. My mom came to babysit Ava – she was great! It was so nice to get out for awhile – I pumped before hand and had enough milk for my mom to feed her twice. I was home by 9:30 to feed her again and put her to bed. My mom said she was a peach!


2 month Doctor visit – Feb. 27

Ava weighs in at 9lbs 4 oz. about a pound of weight gain in a month. She is still in the 10th percentile. Although her length 22.5 is in the 90th percentile! Long and lean for our little Ava bean! Doctor was very happy with her progress and how she looked. Ava got her two month shots today. She took it like a champ and only screamed for one minute. She was a little cranky when we got home so I gave her Tylenol and my Mother in law was over visiting so she kept her busy while I got some stuff done. We don’t go back again until she’s 4 months old! Crazy, I liked going every 2-4 weeks haha

The side of her head is a getting a little flat due to her favoring one side when sleeping. The doctor isn’t worried, she said to try and get her to lay on the other side. She won’t even be worried at the 4 month visit (which it should correct itself by then) but if at 6 months it’s still flat she has to wear (eeeek) the helmet! That freaked my husband out so now he’s moving her head every time haha But we’ve tried to pick up more tummy time and leaning on her boppy.


After my shots!

Ava’s habits

Likes – Ave likes pacifiers (still), her play mat, middle of the night wake ups, rock n’ play, toys that hang above her head, car rides (but not the car seat – she screams until we get moving), bath time, mirrors

Dislikes – Ava hates diaper and clothing changes when she’s half asleep, when the pacifier falls out, her car seat


Sleeping – we have pretty much given up CIO for now – it was not constant enough to seem to be working, we’d go from 30 min to 20 min to 8 min and back to 30. One night she cried on and off for 45 minutes. Not that I run to get her at every cry, sometimes I let her cry 5 minutes at 5am when I fed and changed her less than an hour ago and she’ll fall back asleep. If she cries more than that I get her. We’ll try cry it out around 4 months when they suggest. At night she sleeps a good long stretch – one time as long as 8.5 hours! Although normally it’s 5.5 – 6.5, and on occasion 7. I love the 6+ hour stretches especially when husband is working and does not get up with me to help at one of her feedings. I usually do the middle of the night feeding and if he’s not working he’ll do the morning one when we wake up. After her middle of the night feeding she is up in 2 hours, so I get her from her crib and put her in the rock n play, shove the pacifier in her mouth and sleep another 1.5-2 hours. I consider that her first nap of the day! hah

Spitting – Ava is still spitting up constantly. The gas drops did zero for the spit up, we tried elevating her, tried holding her upright for 30 minutes. It doesn’t seem to help. She sometimes pukes 3-4 times after her feedings never mind the little spit ups. We go through 10-12 bibs a day and at least 3 outfits due to spit ups. But she’s a happy spitter! It doesn’t bother her, even when it comes out of her nose! lol I feel so bad when it does that… she’s a trooper though. She gets it out and then smiles. Doctor asked if we wanted Zantac, I decided against it because i don’t want to put her on medicine if she doesn’t need it. She’s still gaining weight and her spitting doesn’t bother her. So this weekend we are going to try to feed her formula before bed for two reasons 1. to maybe help her sleep longer and 2. it’s thicker than breast milk so it could stay down easier. We are going to try the gentlease instead of the regular Enfamil. Fingers crossed! We might consider zantac if this doesn’t work.

My Post-Partum Update

So I went to the doctors on Wednesday for my follow up. I’m feeling much better, not having to take motrin every day. So this time she was able to open the speculum although still very painful. She said I still had tissue that was healing and it was raw and irritated. It bleeds whenever it’s touched. So still no sex or tampons. She said most women with this will clear up on their own however worst case they might have to go in and cauterize the area with a chemical. I go back in another 3 weeks to check on things. On the plus side, she said she would write me out of work for another couple of weeks because I can’t stand/sit for a long period of time. Because I have the sick time and I will have a doctors note, I will get paid for taking more time! That will help us save more money to take the rest of the year off.

IMG_0902 Ava meeting one of her cousins Avery for the first time. Avery was giving her kisses

Daddy burping Ava because only he can get the good burps


Baby Grows

IMG_0101  IMG_0062


12 thoughts on “2 Months – Ava Carolena

  1. I’ve been thinking about you. I was going to ask you how CIO was going. We seem to think alike. After Mackenzie started getting fussy with eating a couple days after her shots and not eating as much I didn’t feel right letting her CIO as I wasn’t sure if she was in pain. I’ve been doing a lot of babywearing in the moby wrap and if she does fuss when I put her down I give her a couple minutes, and then go get her. I try putting her down 5-10 minutes later and if she fusses I give her 5 minutes or so and repeat the process. Last night it took a couple times but the 3rd time I put her down she finally went to sleep. I’m so jealous of your 7-8 hour stretches! The most I’m getting between feedings at night is 6.5 hours. I thought maybe it was due to her size (9lb 2oz) but your little girl is just a smidge bigger so I guess I will just attribute it to every baby is different! I told my husband if we need to we’ll go back to CIO in a few months. I didn’t really like it, but I will say I think it did help her learn how to self soothe. Once we feed M in the middle of the night we can put her down and she never gets us back up until 3-4 hours later.

    Mackenzie is the same way with the car seat. It has to be moving. Today I stopped to get coffee (big mistake) as the drive through line took forever. She cried the entire time until we started moving again!

    Your pictures are adorable!

    I hear you about this crappy weather. We don’t have nearly the snow here you do but I’m so tired of being cooped up inside!!!

    • So funny we both stopped CIO – just too hard when they’re so little! Like you said, when they’re older and they’re actually learning to self soothe. She’s sleeping longer and longer as the weeks go on. And I’m sure M will do that too! Even the 5-6 hour stretches are so much better than the 2-3 hours stretches from the first few weeks! lol

      I hope your weather clears up soon! Just think, spring is almost here!!

      • Oh I totally agree. I can’t complain much about 5-6 hour stretches! It will get better and hopefully in a month or two she’s sleeping through the night!

        I really did hate CIO. If I wasn’t in such a dark place with sleep deprivation I probably wouldn’t have done it to start with.

        I’m so over the weather! Are you ever going to get rid of all the snow? I feel bad you guys out east were dumped on so much this year!!

  2. Whitlee loves the Gentlease formula! Hopefully Ava will do well on it, too. You look great and the pictures are adorable! She’s so smiley! 🙂

  3. My goodness they grow so fast! She’s a doll and you look great .. hopefully everything will clear up on its own for you! This winter has been horrible.. I wish I could take Daniel for walks in the stroller but not in this crap lol..

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