Post-Partum 6 week appointment

I went to the doctors today for my 6 week appointment. I can’t believe it has been 6 weeks. My body does NOT feel like it yet. I was nervous to go because I have been in so much pain. The last week and a half the pain has intensified, I ran out of 800mg ibprofins and had to take the over the counter ones, maybe a coincidence or maybe I’ve just been over doing it. I have not been able to sit at a 90 degree angle for more than 15 minutes. I cannot stand for more than 30 minutes. The pressure is incredibly intense if I over do it. My husband has been amazing! He usually cooks anyway but he’s also taken on some cleaning, a little laundry and of course caring for baby. So he’s been wonderful. My Mom has also visited at least once a week to help out.

I gained 48 lbs from the beginning of my pregnancy… yikes! But I have already lost 25 lbs since her birth. Only 23 to go, I can’t wait to start walking and moving to get more of the weight off!

My 6 week appointment was what I expected. I dread the awful speculum, as I suspected it was searing pain as she inserted it. Instant bleeding, she couldn’t open it from the pain. I started to cry a little and she withdrew it. She also noticed a bit of a “ahem” normal infection. So I have pills for that everyday female problem. She did an internal but that was painful too. She said it was “normal” considering the damage done. She prescribed me more 800 ibprofins and wants to see me back in 3 weeks.

Seriously… all the people that told me “you DONT want a csection! The recovery time is so much longer!” I want to throw something at them, specifically my friend Becca. She shamed me into not asking for a scheduled c-section because of “recovery time” and I am looking into well over 2 months for recovery never mind sex!! Sex can be 4-6 months and still be painful. I am half kidding – I know there are pros and cons to both deliveries. All that matters is that Ava is here and happy and healthy!


6 thoughts on “Post-Partum 6 week appointment

  1. I was told the same thing about a c-section and ended up with one anyways. I didn’t think it was that bad personally after the first couple of days. I’m sorry you are still in so much pain after your delivery and I hope you start to feel better soon.

    • Thanks! It’s never how you plan it huh? The last thing I wanted was to be induced AND that’s what happened lol had to get the epidural because of the pain BUT it was allllll worth it right?!

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