Modified Sleeping Training

So like most new mothers I am trying to steer my way through the wonderful world of sleep training an infant with my lack of sleep. I always refused to be that parent that runs to my 10 month olds every need. Don’t get me wrong, I want to spoil the shit out of my child and hug and cuddle her. But I don’t want to be sleeping with my 2 year old either every night fighting to get them out of my bed (no offense to anyone that co-sleeps) just personal preference.

I bought the book baby wise and spoke with the pedi about sleep training. She suggested at 2 weeks letting her cry it out a little. (I couldn’t do it.) At almost five weeks we are willing to try a little  cry it out. We do have some other tricks we’ve worked on this week.

1. Ava was moved to her room. The constant waking was bothering my husbands sleep schedule even if he didn’t need to get up and help. He was exhausted at work and even got sick. I quarantined him to the basement. 🙂 So we moved her bassinet first across our room instead of next to me. Then the next night into her room.

2. We stopped swaddling her – she freaked out one night when I zipped upped her swaddle pod so I undid it. She fell asleep in no time. We haven’t looked back, no more swaddling. She was never swaddled for naps so I wasn’t concerned. At night we still use a sleep sack with her arms free.

3. After a few nights of no swaddle and in her room, we moved her to her crib. The bassinet was just too small, she moves A LOT at night and kept kicking hte sides or hitting the sides. During the day she will turn 90 degrees in her pack n play lol

NIGHT ONE – Jan. 29- So now it was time to start the cry it out method – Like the PDF method from Baby wise – I tried to put her on a wake-feed-sleep schedule so she wasn’t getting nursed to sleep (a crutch to older infants) So I fed her at 7:00 and started to get her ready for bed around 7:30. I put her down at 7:40ish – she fussed for ten minutes then full on screamed for 30 mins. We went in three times and assured her we were there. Then at 8:20 -she just passed out! And then she slept for FIVE WHOLE  HOURS and FORTY-FIVE MINUTES! The longest stretch ever. She took a bottle from my husband and went down perfectly for another 2 hours and 40 minutes. Then another 3 hours.

During the day though, I tried the cry it out for ten minutes and couldn’t fathom doing it for every nap. I don’t want her to scream at all 6-7 of her naps! So I think I decided for now doing cry it out for only evenings. We are still working on getting down the PDF method of wake-feed-sleep (repeat)

NIGHT TWO – Jan. 30 – Ava’s second night was even better. Her day was tough with cat naps all afternoon for 20-30 min. so by 7:30 she had a feeding and was ready for bed. I put her down at 8:15 and she was out like a light! No crying, but it could have been because she was so tired. She slept for FIVE HOURS AND FIFTEEN MINUTES. I woke up to nurse her, my husband was out like a light. I figured he’d be up in an hour or two feeding her again but NO, she slept another FOUR hours! She was up at 7am! That’s one feeding during the night. I hope she can keep it up. I do like this 1-2 feedings a night.

NIGHT THREE – Jan 31 – Not as good as last night, but still better than the first night! We started bed time routine at 7:30 ish and had her down by 7:50. She whimpered for 10 minutes then began to cry at 8:00. She cried for 22 minutes, 8 minutes less than two nights ago. This crying was also not screaming like night one. This was just a steady “pick me up” cry I want your attention. She slept for five hours and then another four hours.

5 weeks has started a great sleep routine – not perfect but definitely better than weeks 1 and 2. I can function on two 4-5 hour sleep stretches. She’ll get the hang of it! She’s a smart cookie! I


11 thoughts on “Modified Sleeping Training

  1. Glad the sleep training is going well. I got a 5 hour stetch last night between feedings and it was great! We’re still dealing with some fussiness at night but it’s more manageable than it was 2 weeks ago. We’ve also started having Mackenzie sleep in her crib in her own room. It’s hard but the best for all of us right now.

    I’d like to do the cry it out method but after 5 minutes or so I can’t handle it. We’re up 1-2 times a night so I can’t complain much right now. We make her go 3 hours at minimum between feedings per our pediatrician and that’s really seemed to help.

    • Isn’t the five hour stretch amazing!!!? It’s crazy how great it is compared to the 1-2 hour stretches when babies come home. I’ll take two feedings a night no problem! haha

      • Yeah it is pretty amazing! I don’t miss those 1-2 hour stetches at all. I still feel sleep deprived getting up twice a night but I know it will get better. I’m a person who really likes schedules so having an infant here is throwing me out of my element some! Truth is though I wanted this and some day I will look back and tell myself that I got through it just fine!

  2. Thank you for posting on this! I don’t know if I could do cry it out. I think things will get better once we move her to her crib, but I want to get her used to being flat on her back in the pack n’ play first.

    • Yes, definitely get her used to sleeping flat and sleeping in her crib before you do it. It was difficult, I had to turn the volume off on the monitor (I could still hear her because she is next door) but it wasn’t as piercing to my heart. I also was with my husband who helped keep me calm. I tried to read while husband read sports stuff on his phone and we waited it out. Having husband there was key.

  3. Congrats!! Mila goes down great at night. Eat then light play with little stimulation then change and rock till drowsy then down for the night. Daytime naps we just catnap though

  4. I’m curious how the last few nights have gone for you with cry it out? I started last night (went 24 minutes) and said I’d give it a week. Listening to her cry is heartbreaking but 24 minutes beats the 2 hours I carry her around at night while shes screaming before she finally goes to sleep.

    • I’ve backed off a little bit – we only do it at night (I think I mentioned that). The next two nights were 25-30 minutes again, so not a large improvement. I didn’t know if it was working so I try to get her as sleepy as possible and then put her down still awake. My husband has better luck getting her down. We’ve been lucky this week until this morning, she was up for two hours at 2am, then slept 1 then up again, if my mom wasn’t visiting (she took her after she woke up again) I was going to let her cry it out. The two hours of rocking, pacifying, and swinging is killing me! But it doesn’t happen every night. Hearing that your going through it helps. I kept trying to find literature (online) about letting a young infant cry it out. And everything online says 4 months. But my doctor insisted it was fine. And now I see yours does too. I think I’m going to try it again – like you said 24 minutes beats the hours of rocking and sleepless nights. Plus in the morning, she’s as happy as can be. She doesn’t resent it! Do you go in when she’s screaming? I feel like it makes it worse… but I want her to know I’m there. Let meknow how your nights go!

      • Several people have told me to stick with it. As long as it doesn’t get worse I will. I feel SO much better these last 2 days just because I’ve gotten to bed earlier and that first stretch of sleep is my longest. I about jumped for joy when she didn’t wake up until 3:30am this morning (5 hours of sleep). I’ve also been looking online and found the same as you. 3-4 months old at minimum. My pediatric nurse was all for it and I am justifying this based on the fact at the end of the day she is crying less and I’m getting more sleep. My baby has been great these last 2 days and mommy has cried far less! At the end of the day it is up to us to make the best decisions we can for our children. Not everyone will agree and as long as our babies are well taken care of that’s what matters. We both know how hard it was to have a child and we both have our daughter’s best interests at heart. I trust my pediatrician and his nurse. I also know should I decide to do something different that is my choice as a parent.

        I do go in when she’s screaming. Night one it didn’t make any difference but last night she sceamed less and calmed down both times I went in. I honestly think it’s trial and error. If this is successful for both of us we’ll be having the babies that sleep through the night before long and others will still be up several times.

        I really try to see the big picture with parenting. A great friend sent me this text this morning, “Whether she is 6 weeks, 6 years, or 16 years you will say no to something and it will make her cry, and you as well. You need to say the ‘nos’ when it’s warranted. They need boundaries. But it does break your heart.”

        Hang in there momma! We can do this! 🙂

      • I love that quote! It is so true. Getting the sleep is well worth it and makes for a happier house. Thanks for sharing with me, hearing your experience has strengthened my resolve to continue with it!

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