1 Month Update


Little Ava is officially one month old on Tuesday January 27! She has filled our lives with love, laughter, some anxiety and even some tears! Her facial features are my husbands but her skin and hair are mine. But everyday she grows a little more and learns new and exciting things. She finally looks like a baby and not a newborn.

She survived her first blizzard. We lost power for all of 30 minutes, thank God! We have the nicest neighbors, they came over and helped my husband remove snow with their snow blower. My husband was using the good old fashion shovel. But with two feet of snow it was slow going. They were also so nice and gave us a gift when we arrived home with Ava (gift card and bibs) and they baked a banana bread when we moved in last year. I need to make it a point to bake them something and go out of my way. I tend to be anti-social.

She loves to sit in her rock and play and look around. After diaper changes she lays on the floor and coos and giggles for about 10 minutes before she screams to be picked up. She transitions into different sleeping places pretty easily: bassinet, pack n play, rocker and swing. She likes the rocker best but we don’t like to let her sleep in there for long naps. She LOVES her pacifier. I have to sometimes refrain from introducing it because then she NEEDS it and when I take it away or it falls out she screams! I bought a wubbanub pacifier.  It’s supposed to help her keep it in her mouth so I don’t have to re-insert it every 2 minutes.


Ava still does not like diaper changes, although once in a while we can get one without too many tears. But usually she doesn’t like them. She’s been spitting up a lot lately, but she’s a happy spitter, so doctor said no concerns.


Sleeping: it has been a little rough some nights, but overall better! Most nights she has two stretches of 3-4 hours 8-12 and 1-4 then she sleeps 1.5-2 hours… but there are some nights that she does not want to go back to bed. And I sit there and rock, feed, rock, change, burp for three hours trying to get her to sleep. I don’t want to over stimulate her because I’m trying to work out her night and days. I read keep it dark, little talking and noise, very little stimulation etc. We have a small routine going, I guess I can be thankful for that! We tried no swaddle last night after she threw a shit fit when I put it on her. She isn’t swaddled during nap time, so I figured it was worth a try. BEST NIGHT SLEEP EVER! She slept 4 hours and 45 min and then 3 hours. We are also going to try the crib instead of the bassinet; she flails and hits the sides of the bassinet. Too bad babies don’t come with a manual lol

Eating: She feeds on both sides now for about 10-15 min each. I pump 1-3 times a day depending on her and my husbands schedule. I like that he can feed her before bed and he gets up at the first feeding to help. She is a good eater but I worry with the bottles she just wants to suck to sooth not to eat and then she over eats… such a fine line!

Weight: half of her newborn clothes don’t fit anymore but none of her three months fit either. She’s so long but a skinny little string bean!

Jan 16 – 7 lbs 1 oz

Jan 29 – 8lbs 0.5oz


8 thoughts on “1 Month Update

    • thanks! We didn’t initially register for one but my sister in law gave us hers. I love it, I doubted it at first but now I couldn’t live without it. We do not have the one that rocks on it’s own, it’s just the regular one. See if you can get on consignment. I’ve heard people use it well past 6 months

  1. Omg, isn’t the sleep schedule absolutely crazy? I’m kinda in the same boat with most nights having 4 hour stretches, but like you, I also get nights where she needs a lot of help being soothed to sleep. I’m often on edge around bedtime because I don’t know which “Ava” I’m going to get and I’m so exhausted by the end of the day. Oy oy oy. I’m not sure when to transition her to her crib :/ she’s two months and still in the bassinet which is convenient for nursing.

    • Exactly! My husband says the same thing, is it happy Ava or cranky Ava? I dread night time. We’ve done a few things this week – 1. stopped swaddling her (she does a sleep sack) she was cranky not being able to move her hands. 2. moved her bassinet to her room THEN 3. put her in the crib, with her hands free she was hitting the sides of the bassinet (last night was a 5 hour stretch woohoo! 3. cry it out – last night she cried for 30 minutes and then fell fast asleep for 5 hours! We checked to make sure she was dry and safe – we also went in twice to reassure her. We’ll see how it goes…

  2. We’re 5 months and still swaddled in a Halo Sleep Sack in the bassinet, I need to make the transition soon. Glad things are going so well with her. I let Mila fuss it out too when she wakes at night. She has different cries so I know what hungry is and what fussing is. It worked out great for us and now if she wakes up on the walk to the bedroom at night I can put her down turn on her air cleaner that doubles as a white noise machine she’ll put herself back to sleep and we won’t hear from her again till morning

  3. Congrats! Sounds like everything is going really well. My Ella is almost 5 months old and the one thing I wish I had kept doing was swaddling once brought home from the hospital. She would scream when I swaddled her so we stopped and she didn’t sleep well. We then swaddled her again at 8 weeks, she slightly fought us but then started sleeping really well! Keep trying to swaddle! 🙂 I transitioned Ella into a zipadee zip around 12 weeks old-it saved us and she is still in it! https://zipadeezip.com . Good luck with Ava, she is so cute!

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