4 Weeks and Historic Blizzard

Our little Ava bean was 4 weeks on Saturday, although her one month milestone is not until Tuesday… on the day of a “historic” blizzard. We are expected several feet of snow, Maybe I will actually use her snow suit. We had to cancel her one month appointment and reschedule for Thursday. My husband’s school already cancelled for tomorrow and Wednesday. So it’ll be nice to have him home.

I do have some worries though, we will inevitable lose power. As far as our well being, we’ll be ok, my husbands parents like 5 minutes down the road and have a generator and gas fireplace. However, I just dropped several hundred dollars on stocking up our groceries for the next few weeks (dumbass, what was I thinking?!) So I have all of this frozen meat, milk, eggs etc that will hopefully not thaw without electricity. I emptied one freezer and stuffed it all into one, I made extra ice to pack the freezer full. I’m taking my precious milk stash with us to their house). I guess with the fridge stuff we will put it outside in the cooler in the snow.

So I’ve spent the day preparing, finding candles and flashlights. I’ve packed a bag for us and baby for the in-laws house. And just wait for the storm. It’s supposed to come tonight and last through Wed. morning. I just hope we don’t lose electricity for too long. But I have to be thankful and grateful for my in-laws.

I still need to do a one month update but here are some bath pictures from last week. She finally started liking bath time! And she loves her elephant towel!

photo 2photo 4



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