Two weeks post partum

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I can’t believe little Ava is already two weeks old! She is a perfect little angel. These two weeks (although sleepless) have been perfect. My husband has been an angel. He’s forced me to lay down, relax and even nap. He’s done most of the cleaning and even the laundry! He doesn’t even know how to work the machine haha He usually does the cooking but these two weeks he’s been a cooking machine: making me soup, chili, lasagna etc and freezing it for when he goes back to work Monday. Speaking of work, we got around the no paternity leave thanks to our amazing primary physician. He gave him stress leave for the week… and it has been stressful! lol

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Visitors: We had a good amount of visitors to see Ava. But with all of those visitors THREE people ended up getting sick in the day or two following their visit (one of them got me sick in the hospital. I spent one night in the bathroom thanks to my mother-in-law). Soo husband and I made the executive decision on visitors. I am petrified of this flu outbreak and her getting sick. So only immediate family can visit and hold her. Anyone else that wants to visit can, but there is a no touch rule. I know it might seem kind of crazy, but all it takes is one sick person (who doesn’t know their sick) to get her sick. So I know both our moms are teachers and my husband is a teacher. There is only so much you can do, but the less people that she’s introduced to the better. People are probably calling me crazy, but I don’t care, I want a healthy baby. Most of our friends are ok with it, they understand. I spoke with one of my good friends whose son has spina bifida and CMV and basically he’s an immune mess. And she has been helpful with advise.

Sleeping: This week Ava has decided that 1-6 am is daytime. She will feed  and then be WIDE awake! She refuses to go to sleep or even dose off. So yesterday we started with the pacifier. Thank god for pacifiers. The only problem is if it falls and she’s not fully asleep it wakes her up. But I’ll take that over wimpering and screaming. Besides last night the last three nights have tested husband and I. I don’t know how it’ll work when he goes back to work on Monday. It’ll be mostly on me now… eek!

Feeding: Ava has done mostly breast feeding. In the hospital we had formula just to help get her weight up. We used syringes and cups to feed her. Cup feeding was so cute.. she laps it up like a cat. We didn’t want to introduce a bottle too soon. Last week I finally had more milk coming in so I was pumping and breast feeding. The feeding went much better but we were still cup feeding her with the pumped milk. Our lactation specialist advised it would be ok to introduce the bottle so at 1 week she had breast milk in a bottle. So as of today we do mostly breast milk with 1-3 bottles a day with breast milk. It has been very helpful to have my husband able to help.

Weight: We’ve gone to the doctor or to see the lactation specialist every few days. She lost too much weight at the beginning. But we are back up to birth weight and more! (pfff and I was worried the baby wouldn’t fit in newborn..yea right…)

Birth 6lbs 13 oz

12/31 – 6lbs 4 oz

1/3 – 6 lbs 7 oz

1/4 6lbs 10 oz

1/7 6 lbs 13 oz

1/9 – 6 lbs 15 oz

Likes: pacifier, cuddling, dancing, feeding and car rides

Dislikes: diaper changes, clothes changes, cold wipes (thinking of getting a wipe warmer)


2 thoughts on “Two weeks post partum

  1. Yay! So glad things are going so well! They grow out of disliking diaper/clothes changing soon! They realize it means a clean diaper 🙂

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