Newborn Pictures


Ava Carolena


This is my favorite but there are so many good ones 🙂 It’s hard to choose. Special thanks to Stephanie Vegliante in Barrington for these beautiful pictures. She was so affordable compared to everyone in the area AND I own the prints! So many photographers wanted an extra 100-200 to own them… ridiculous!


 AG-3 AG-3_2

 AG-4 AG-5  AG-6 AG-7       AG-13 AG-14 AG-14_2


AG-18 AG-19  AG-21 AG-22  AG-23  AG-24 AG-25    AG-28

AG-29 AG-30

AG-31 AG-32

AG-33 AG-34 AG-34_2

AG-35 AG-36 AG-37 AG-38 AG-39 AG-40


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