Bringing Ava home

I have been working on this post since Tuesday! I can’t believe that for a being that just poops, eats and sleeps I’d be this busy. hah But I wouldn’t change it for anything!!

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Our two day stay at the hospital turned into a three day stay, our little Ava had jaundice!

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Friday Night/Saturday Morning

The epidural was amazing and at 3:13 Little Ava Carolena was born at Women and Infants in Providence. She did a number on my insides, surprisingly there was no tearing on the outside, yay no stitches. However, she made a mess of my insides, it took the doctor an hour to stitch my up. She stiched and stuffed and we waited two hours to see how it was. It was not better. It took another half hour of stitching and stuffing. So the doctor decided I would keep the cath and stuffing for 24 hours. I was feeling great though, didnt feel a thing… until a few hours alter! holy jesus… I guess the one thing I can be thankful for was no tearing on the outside, so I can actually pee without pain.

Saturday afternoon brought a few visitors, my mom and ben’s parents,  my grandparents and Ben’s sister (she works at the partner hospital Hasbro). Sunday was miserable – the pain meds were not enough. I just kept asking the nurse for the doctor, but she suggested I wait for the next doctor because the one on that shift was a resident (not the guy I want when I’m in pain). All of a sudden at 8am a streeeammm of people came in, pediatrician, nurse, lactation specialist, doctor, photographer. Of course the doctor came when the pedi was there. He finally made it back and took everything out – ahhhh so much better. But the pain continued so we asked family and friends not to come. By that night I felt better, two of my friends came to visit.


We thought we were headed home Monday morning… however the night nurse made a comment about her color. So she suggested to the doctor to do a bilirubin test. Her billirubin came back too high to come home. They brought the billi light to bring her levels down. It was the most miserable two hours as she just screamed and screamed with her eye patch and naked body under the light. Thankfully we got to take her out to feed her but she was miserable anyway. All the work getting her to latch was gone as she freaked out and we tried to calm her with a pacifier. So frustrating!

After the worst 12 hours ever (I don’t know how moms do this for days) Ava’s numbers were down and we were able to come home. My brother and his wife came to visit before we left. I had my first italian grinder since pre-pregnancy (sooo delicious). It was the craziest thing to walk out of the hospital with a new life, and no one stopped us! lol crazy feeling! We came home to a clean house (thanks Mom and mother-in-law). What an amazing feeling be a Mom

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We had our first doctor visit! We had to stop at the lab in the morning, apparently the blotting test they do, there wasn’t enough blood taken. And she had to get another billiruben level. Yay! Ava’s weight is up and her color is much better. She is perfect: her weight is in the 11th percentile, her head is in the 7th percentile (our little peanut) but her length… is in the 96th percentile!! She is a long string bean. My mom came over  to celebrate my birthday (tomorrow). Ben made me my birthday dinner of fried chicken – he’s never made it but it turned out amazing! He’s been so great trying to help in any way possible. Getting me what I need, taking care of baby, helping clean and do laundry.

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7 thoughts on “Bringing Ava home

  1. Congratulations!! Its so great being home and in your own enviornment! So glad Ava’s jaundice cleared up quickly!!

  2. Aww congratulations! She’s beautiful! I’m glad you are all home! Being a new parent is a huge change but enjoy every moment!

    P.S. I have the same carseat cover. 🙂

  3. She is a little beauty… when you say she messed up your insides… I’m curious to know how so? But if its too much, please dont feel obligated to share..
    Hope you are all feeling well and enjoying this time with your sweet little lady!! Happy New Year!!! 😀

    • Happy new year!! I don’t Mind sharing. Most women tear on the outside of their vagina during vsginal birth and need stitches. I had no tearing outside (which was a good thing). I had a ton of tearing in the inside. The doctor called it something specific I can’t remember. The nurse in the delivery room said she’d never seen it before. So she sewed 26 stitches in the inside. She described it as scrapping almost.

  4. I’ve been meaning to comment on this post for forever, but my little Ava has completely hijacked my life (as I know you can relate). Congrats congrats congrats!! I totally identify with so many of the things you wrote. I’m so happy for you. And how crazy is it that we both have little girls named Ava!!!!!!! Great minds! 😄😄😄

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