Hospital – 40 weeks and 1 day

Today was interesting. We went to our 40 week appointment this morning with a bet – I said Id be dilated at least a cm, Ben said none. Ben was right! So we came home. I went and got a pedicure with my mom and had lunch. While Ben was napping I was just relaxing when I thought I started bleeding (from the internal that morning). I stood up and a gush of fluid came out. I continued to the bathroom with even more fluid coming. It wouldn’t stop!! The bathroom floor was covered I went through 4 pads and gave up. Yelled for Ben, called the doctor and got new clothes. I totally made Ben swiffer the bathroom floor before we left. I didn’t want to leave it!! I continued to empty in the car and at the hospital.

We arrived at triage to a full house, no rooms available. So although my water was ruptured, no room at the inn. Thankfully we only had to wait 10 min. In the ER I was not even a cm dilated but with a ruptured water they wanted to help my along with meds. They wanted to deliver within 24 hours of water breaking to curb any risk if infection. And due to the fact I was not dilated at all they wanted to start. Exactly what I didn’t want to do. But we started the hormones anyway. I did well for the first few hours as they moved me to labor and delivery. Then they upped the meds. Too intense, I was having full time no break contractions. They scaled back but I couldn’t handle it. The intensity was too much knowing that I had at least another 8-12 hours of this. Called for the epidural.

Ah, the epidural. It was not painful although it was uncomfortable. I am able to actually relax and they’ve upped the hormones again but I can’t feel it. My blood pressure dropped once but they gave me an influx of fluid and it went back up in no time. So even my sort of “plan” went out the window as soon as this process started.

For now we wait, hopefully she will
Arrive in the next 4-8 hours.


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