39 Weeks – and actually posting on the right day!

  photo 3


Week 39 has been very final. My last day at work was Monday, and boy was I ready for it! I was so uncomfortable at work (and it was my easiest day!) I planned my cleaning/getting ready/preparing/errands for the last three days. I spread out my “outings” so I wouldn’t be cooped up in the house. Tuesday I finished the baby’s room (as my last post indicated) and ran errands to the bank and post office. Wednesday I finished my Christmas shopping and cleaned some more of the house. I tried to make peanut butter balls but I burnt the chocolate in the double boiler, I heated it up too quickly! opps! Today I had my doctors appointment and had to run by the church to deliver a donation present for a little boy and then I finished the peanut butter balls and I made some chocolate covered fruit (my favorite). Tomorrow will round off my wrapping and last cleaning of the house and I’ll be ready for Baby Grande with house cleaned (check) and ready for Christmas (check)!
As I mentioned today was my 39 week appointment. I went in the morning since I am not working so Ben didn’t get to come. But it was better than waiting 45 minutes for the doctor like usual. I was in the room in about 5 minutes. Any-who, she mentioned that if I was dilated a bit she would strip my membrane to get things possibly started however she said I was not dilated. Baby G is staying put for now. Our next appointment isn’t until next Friday (Thursday being Christmas) and our babies due date. So hopefully she comes – a part of me wants either this weekend or after Christmas. I would prefer not to be in the hospital on Christmas day, but baby comes when baby comes.

photo 2

How far along? 39  Weeks

Total weight gain: 40 lbs – I think I forgot to change it last week or the week before – I hope this is it…

Maternity clothes? only my friends M pants – none of my pants fit anymore 😦 well my leggings and yoga pants fit! Good thing I am not working anymore, I’ve been in leggings and sweats all week. Hopefully one more week (or less)

Sleep: surprisingly better than I was

Best moment this week: being home and getting everything ready – having time to relax

Miss anything? my pants fitting!

Movement: a lot of movement

Food cravings: chocolate – i made peanut butter balls and chocolate covered fruit

Anything making you queasy or sick: No

Gender: It’s a GIRL!

Symptoms:  just about everything but contractions!

Belly button in or out? bumping out ever so slightly at the top

Wedding rings on or off? On – for now – I take them off once and a while

Happy or moody most of the time: Happy!


9 thoughts on “39 Weeks – and actually posting on the right day!

  1. You’re almost there!! You still look great and are all baby 😀 Such a cute picture too! We haven’t decorated our tree yet, hopefully tomorrow we can lol – whoops! My cousin just had her baby today and her due date was Xmas Eve and she was praying she’d go early so she wouldnt be in the hospital xmas day…. Her prayer worked lol!

    Hope all continues to go well!! I’m also living in leggings and yoga pants 😉

  2. Hoping you are not in the hospital on Christmas and that you’re little present comes esrly this week or right adter Christmas

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