Nursery Update – almost there!

The nursery is 95% done – still waiting on curtains and the rest of the wall art. But it is just about done. We bought a little shelf for next to the dresser. There just wasn’t enough room on top or in the draws to put all the diapering things. Especially with the cloth diapers, they take up more room. So I need to buy bins/baskets to put in the shelf. 

photo 3 photo 5 photo 4

But now that I am home until little Baby G comes I spent the morning organizing her drawers and closet. I was looking to better organize her dresser. The dresser we bought is gorgeous, but it doesn’t hold baby clothes very well. So I did a lot of searching and pintresting for ideas. I saw draw separators at the container store ($20 for two!!) so when I was shopping at a local store I found a pack of two for only $5.99! I bought a bunch and another type (which I don’t like very much). I spent the morning working on different folding options lol But I think I finally optimally organized the draws. Things are folded in half and I rolled the white onsies – rolling takes up a lot less room. I also had to add felt to the bottom of the baskets we bought (hot glued it to the bottom), I already scratched the bottom of the dresser in several places 😦 but the felt seems to be working.

photo 3 photo 2 photo 1 


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