Baby Shower

On Sunday I had my baby shower. My Mom and my mother-in-law planned it together at a local restaurant in Warwick on the water. It was such a beautiful view, even for November. I had the greatest time, it was so nice to see all my friends and family in one place. Even some friends from high school were able to come! Made me smile… and we got so much stuff!

Thankfully we received all of our big stuff like the car seat, stroller, play pen and a ton of other stuff. The only thing we need to buy is our glider and our stash of cloth diapers. There are some other things that we didn’t receive like the bottles and other odds and ends. We will probably use our completion coupon to buy these things.


My sister-in-law and I – she helped out with giving me gifts and writing them down


My two little helpers that just got in the way


My best friend (14 weeks pregnant) and sister-in-law


My family


This was one of my friends artistic minds, she painted the elephant and had everyone at the shower put their finger prints on the page in different shades of pink. We will frame it and hang it in the nursery 🙂


Work friends!


High school friends!


My co-worker Jill that is 6 weeks behind me in her pregnancy


Ben’s family


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