28 Weeks

28 Weeks brought us to our doctor’s office. So many things happening. My favorite part was leaving work early and missing boring professional development! 🙂 I had to drive into Pawtucket for my appointment rather than the local office. I needed my glucose test and my rhogam. The office was a zoo (probably because it was in the city). I had to wait an hour for the glucose test and I opted to wait in the lab so I didn’t have to sit with 25 people in the waiting room. Appointment went great, heard her heartbeat, passed the glucose test, got my rhogam. I have been fighting a cold all week, at first I thought it was allergies but it turned into a full blown cold for 2 days. Slowly getting better, rest, vitamins and nasal saline spray.

I did find out that my iron levels were “slightly low” nothing to be concerned about but I need to take a supplement now. I looked at my pre-natal vitamins and they surprisingly do not have iron in them!  Maybe because I’m a baby and I buy the chewable prenatal vitamins 🙂 So along with my chewable I am having a small iron dose.

photo 1

How far along? 28 Weeks – third trimester here I come!

Total weight gain: 23

Maternity clothes? Mostly maternity… still have some A-line shirts I can get away with

Sleep: so I started stretching before bed and doing some yoga moves I learned at pre-natal yoga and the intense hip pain has lessened a bit

Best moment this week: entering the third trimester – only 12 weeks to meet out little girl!

Miss anything? sleeping on my back – my hips are hurting a lot

Movement: Kicks are going through the day – I like to feel her kick at work

Food cravings: not really

Anything making you queasy or sick: No

Gender: It’s a GIRL!

Symptoms:  Where to start?! I guess they do say 3rd trimester is when you feel it all! I hope these do not get worse. They are still tolerable (I guess these are not all “symptoms” but they are problematic)

hip pain – keeps me up at night, heavy breathing, more then one flight of stairs is a chore, heartburn, low iron count, umm vulvar varicosities – who knew you could get varicose veins…there…. TMI but oh so uncomfortable!

Belly button in or out? In!

Wedding rings on or off? On.

Happy or moody most of the time: Happy!


4 thoughts on “28 Weeks

  1. Oh the stairs! My husband decided to take the stairs at the mall yesterday, and when I stopped to catch my breath partway up, he said “I guess the stairs are off limits now, huh?” It’s amazing what will make us winded these days!

  2. Hope you feel better!! I can’t imagine having a cold right now, ugh. I have my glucose test Oct 17th but I have a doc appt the same day so they’re going to do my appt while I have to wait the hour for the test, then right after have a 28 week ultrasound to check my placenta location. Woof, what a day that will be!! When do you get your results? Hope it all went well – low iron is no big deal long as you take the pills 🙂 I take the Nature Made Prenatals and they are surprisingly easy to take maybe since they’re gel caps.

    • I got my results 🙂 passed thankfully! I should check out some different prenatal vitamins – I’m taking iron pills now and it’s not helping my digestive system lol Good luck on all of your tests!!

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