26 Weeks

Work has been so very busy. It was so busy I missed writing about week 25. Today I splurged and drank a latte and all of a sudden I have energy, I helped make dinner, cleaned up, made lunches and even paid some bills!! I’m usually dead on the couch. I can’t make this a habit, I won’t be able to sleep tonight. I am not the only tired one at work, we have SIX pregnant women at school! Two due in Jan, one in Feb, and two more in May. So I am not alone, and we have a lot of support there.

We had our appointment this week and heard our little girl’s heartbeat… in the 140’s. We had a discussion about CMV. We are getting tested again. Come to find out although I do NOT have the virus, I am not immune, I’ve never been exposed to the virus and of course we spent an evening with them last weekend at their house. Soooo we will get tested one more time and then I will have to avoid being at their house for the next 14 weeks. Also coming up in two weeks, glucose test woohoo (not)! And because I am O- I have to get my 28 week Rhogam shot.

photo (10)

How far along? 26 Weeks

Total weight gain: 20 lbs (God I hope that was due to me wearing jeans and a long sleeve shirt and shoes as opposed to shorts, flip flops and a tank). I told my husband we need to buy a scale to keep my weight in check…there’s still 14 weeks to go

Maternity clothes? half maternity/ half pre-maternity… it’s hard putting outfits together. It’s also time to get my winter clothes out, cardigans and long sleeve for work

Sleep: ok, waking up every few hours to rotate sides

Best moment this week: My mother and mother-on-law ordering our furniture and curtains from pottery barn – cant wait until they get here! I know, I know we are having a girl and everything is blue BUT our theme is PINK and Navy Blue. So everything else will be accents of pink.

img9f img87f img15f img89f

Miss anything? caffeine now that I’m back at work… I’ve splurged a bit some days. Today I had a latte 🙂

Movement: Kicks and thumps on my lower abdomen in the evening, rarely during the day

Food cravings: not really

Anything making you queasy or sick: No

Gender: It’s a GIRL!

Symptoms:  leg/hip pain continue but has lessened with me sitting more often

Belly button in or out? In!

Wedding rings on or off? On.

Happy or moody most of the time: Happy! But tired from work…


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