Labor Day Weekend and Back to School

Labor Day Weekend

We had a restful weekend of doing a whole lot of nothing. Sunday morning Ben ran in an ALS 5K “Finish for the Guinness.” I met him downtown with our younger dog to see him finish. He drank his free Guinness (while I watched) with some friends of ours. It was nice to see work friends and other friends. And of course Theo had a blast meeting all kinds of new people.

photo 2 photo 1

 Later on Sunday we had Ben’s niece and nephews 3rd and 5th birthday party. It was nice to see family and catch up. Lots of baby talk, it seems “everybody loves a pregnant woman” according to my husband. There must be something about it. No one can believe that I’m 23 weeks.

photo 4

Back to school

Our summer is over 😦 back to school. Yesterday we had our PD and class set up day. I don’t feel as overwhelmed this year about going back to school. There’s a few reasons I think: 1. this is my 6th year, it gets easier every year 2. last year was so bad, that I guess how can this year be any worse and 3. I get to leave in December for at least 3 months! But I am feeling confident, energized and happy to start the year. (A small part of me is thinking that the weight of infertility has lifted and that added to my stress over the past 2 years.)


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