Entering the World of Cloth Diapers




 Today I have entered the wonderful world of cloth diapers. Although I’ve done a tooonnnn of research and we spoke with a woman at a local store giving my husband a tutorial, I have yet to buy any. So two friends of mine were getting rid of their stash, by getting rid I mean selling part of their stash. Soo I went to pick up my new (slightly used) diapers today! 

How cute are these?!?

photo 1

 So she had 8 small gdiapers with inserts – mostly neutral colors but there was a pink pair for our little Baby G. They are in pretty great condition except some of the velcro is not holding tight. My next project might be to replace the velcro. So for 8 pairs, liner and pads I paid $30 (and some disposable liners). Gdiapers normally run $15-18 full price at Babies R Us. We registered for a lot of one size fits (different brands) all but many of them don’t fit newborns (we were thinking maybe using disposables. But then these came along! So now we have a nice stash for our newborn.

Another friend was able to give me some of her pocket one size diapers, I paid $24 for four of these. (These run $15-$20 per diaper). 



photo 2

This is my new stash drying in the sun after washing. The inserts are currently in the washing machine disinfecting and stripping, but here is our start. 



photo 3

We will see how our diapering goes, we have a nice little start and hopefully someone will buy ours on the registry. The are soo expensive. We registered for some prefolds and covers, bumgenius and one or two other brands. We’ll see which brands we like best and fit Baby G the best. This is an investment for future babies as well. Not that I’m a huge environmental nut but I like the eco-friendlyness of it. And I love the money saved on buying diapers every week. 



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