20 Weeks – Half Way There!

photo 2

Half-Way Point

This week was fun, it’s beginning to feel even more real! My tummy is growing! Wednesday my husband and I spent the day registering! I had already made a pottery barn kids registry online (as there isn’t one close to us). But the majority of our items are from Babies R Us. I prepared myself as much as I could.. I had a list and a specific brand/model for each item. I bought the book “Baby Bargains” and took most of their advice on brands and models. I also took a look at my sister-in-laws registry and a close friend that recently had a baby. I had an almost perfect list to hopefully help move things along. But of course, it was NOT that easy. We started off really well but then we got to the high chairs/pack N’ plays/car seats and strollers it was a mess! They had display items but not the boxes for the code thingy to add it to the registry. Or they didn’t have prices. So I gave up on those big items and finished them at home. Much easier to shop online. But my husband was a champ, he was into it as much as I was and loved the fun stuff. It was weird spending all our time there and not walking out with anything to buy! lol A little “disappointing” but the gifts and shopping will come soon enough.

After our two hour fun morning at Babies R Us we had lunch at Chipotle. We had heard about a local baby store that had a good selection of cloth diapers (my sister-in-law recommended them). So after lunch we stopped by and my husband got a tutorial in cloth diapers. I have been doing research forever with this but it’s hard to describe it to him without one in front of me. So this woman was so knowledgable, and showed my husband. He was actually okay with it! He felt like he could do this! So we registered there too for anyone local that would want to shop there.

How far along? 20 Weeks 2 days

Total weight gain: 8 lbs as of two weeks ago (but I’m sure it has gone up)

Maternity clothes? More and more every day!

Sleep: Headaches are pretty much gone, but my leg pain has only gotten worse. I feel like my hips and hip flexors are going to feel awful if they hurt this much this early.

Best moment this week: Setting up our registry

Miss anything? Not really…

Movement: I’m feeling something… but it could be gas bubbles. Hah I have been so gassy and I can’t tell the difference

Food cravings: chocolate covered fruit

Anything making you queasy or sick: No, right as rain

Gender: It’s a GIRL.

Symptoms:  leg/hip pain continue

Belly button in or out? In!

Wedding rings on or off? On.

Happy or moody most of the time: Happy

All these fruit comparisons are different! My ipad app is saying one thing and contradicting other websites… so my fruit could be off!

This week… she is the size of a BANANA



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