Our trip to Philly


Every Summer my husband and I take a trip to a ball park to see a game and the city where the park is located. This year I did not want to plan a flight in fear that I wouldn’t feel up for a vacation. So we drove 5 hours to Philadelphia for 3 days. Car ride wasn’t bad, my husband pees more than I do so we stopped every 2 hours.

We had such a great time. Spent the first evening sight seeing and the next day. We went to Independence Hall, the Liberty Bell, The Mint and Betsy Ross’s house. Although after our long drive we were sitting through the quick version of the tour of Independence Hall and I did not feel right. I must have been dehydrated because I started to pass out. I had to leave the signing room and sit on the floor outside of the room. We found a water fountain outside (yuck!) but the water felt so good! We sat for a few minutes and I felt much better. Kind of scary though! Reminder to myself, I need to stay hydrated!

photo 5

Independence Hall

photo 1 photo 2

Liberty Bell

photo 3

photo 3photo 4

The US Mint

photo 1

Our Dinner out in the city.

And of course we went to Citizens Bank Field to see the Phillies play. It was such a great day, a cool not humid evening at the park. We bought Baby G a Philly Fanatic stuffed animal. Even though Baby G is a girl, Ben swears she’ll be a baseball fan. His goal has been to see every baseball park in America. He’s up to 9 parks, I’ve seen 6. But we have three stuffed animals. Wally from Fenway, Philly Fanatic from the Phillies and we have a Yankess monkey (they don’t have a mascot).


2 thoughts on “Our trip to Philly

  1. Looks like you had a great time! My husband and I were in Philly in May for the Broad Street 10M race. First-time touristy visit for the both of us and we loved it.

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