Gender Reveal

It’s a GIRL! 

As my previous post stated, my husband and I opted to pay for a private scan for some reassurance and an added benefit of a gender determination!! We found out on Friday morning that we were having a girl. Well, I had already planned a Lia Sophia party that evening with my friend Kaitlyn. So we decided to combine it and make it a gender reveal party; nothing big, just close friends and family. 

photo 3

We bought a few balloons, prink and blue plates and I wrote on my chalk board. Ben baked a cake for the party. He made four layers and cute out the center of the four layers to add pink candy into it. (The candy was added after he baked it). Pictures further down… The best part about the party was that no one knew it was a gender reveal party. Even funnier were my co-workers that had no idea I was even pregnant! (although many guessed). We waited for Ben to come home from his softball game and his Dad drove over to be apart of the event.

photo 4

 The mothers cut into the cake (because we already knew)…

photo 5 photo 2

And the excitement rang out as the pink candy cascaded from the cake for the all to see.

photo 3

photo 5

Although Ben was wanting a Boy the excitement of baby Grande has overcome his original feelings. We are so happy baby is healthy, has a strong heartbeat and is a girl. As I told Ben, she’ll be Daddy’s little girl anyway.

photo 2

photo 1


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