15 weeks with twins -(feels like 28) 

Ava at 15 weeks 

I’ll add a picture tomorrow, can’t handle the effort that takes 😂
Ugh, maybe because it happened all of a sudden rather than growing slowly. Maybe it’s because a have a 2 year old that doesn’t understand mommy can’t do that anymore. Or maybe it’s because there’s TWO in there! I can’t move like I used to, I’m slow, I can’t bend over to help Ava. My vagina aches and is filled with pressure, I’m petrified my cervix can’t handle the weight and I will go into premature labor. 😩 I’m just having a tough week. I tried to get a facial/massage yesterday. It went great, then I came home to a screaming 2 year old in the middle of a tantrum. The tantrum continued on and off until bedtime when hubby insisted he had to go out to meet his softball buddies (thankfully he waited until she was in bed) but the house looked like a tornado hit it, so I spent the next hour putting crap in its rightful place and went to bed at 8pm. May I add with a toddler and 2 adults working 45+ hours a week nothing stays in it’s place long. 

Saturday evening we had a little scare and went to the ER. A few weeks ago I had a similar pain. (Top of belly, under breasts, intense pain and pressure, unable to breath, can’t stand, hard to talk). The first time it lasted 30 min. But Saturday it lasted a whole hour. After 40 min we called my inlaws to come over to watch Ava (already sleeping). We drove to ER about 20 min away. Wouldn’t ya know the pain stopped as we got off the exit. But we were already there so we went in. I paid the $100 copay to sit and wait for 2 hours because In triage I’m not important, I’m not in labor. Loved seeing the teen moms in the ER with no insurance looking confused as to why you don’t take Motrin during a pregnancy or why the swelling is normal at this stage. I hate my ER with a passion but the hospital itself is amazing, I mean it’s named Women and Infants. Anyways, doctors said it’s probably gastritis but I’m afraid it’s gallbladder. They won’t do anything (but give me a quickie ultrasound to check on the noodles) so I’ll mention gallbladder to my doctor tomorrow. 

Side note: Ava’s potty trained (#1 not #2 just yet). She averages 0-1 accidents a day, usually at open play time at school where she’s too busy to go. I wanted this so bad but it’s been difficult. I keep reminding myself that chancing and wrestling a 2 year old into a diaper is a lot harder than getting her to use the potty. Poop, eh they’ve gotten her to go twice at school but a lot of times she realizes it too late. We’re working on that one. 

 Weight gain: find out tomorrow. Update: up 10 lbs total since our egg retreival 

Eating: eating great! Not many cravings. Definitely smaller meals as I am filling up more quickly. I tried to go down to one diceglis at night for nausea but woke up Nauseous so I’mback up  to 2. 

Sleep: pretty good, can’t complain. 

Symptoms and Movement: 

Nausea – see above

Vulvar varicose veins – getting worse, I bought a support belt and it doesn’t make the pressure go away but it does relieve it enough that I don’t have to lay down after work. 

Bump- it’s huge, I feel like I went from 14 weeks to 28 weeks over night. I can’t bend over to put Ava’s shoes and socks on. Sitting on her stool has gotten harder. And she tried to sit on my lap for reading and it was harder 😦 she doesn’t understand I can’t move like I used to. The past 2 days I’ve been 8-10 min later than normal due to slowing down. 

Overall I’m slowing down, losing breath pretty easily, minor cramping and stretching as my body makes room for the two babies in there. 

Emotions: tired and kind of cranky. My patience with Ava hasn’t been great and it makes me sad. She’s pushing the envelope and I’m trying to hold firm. I never used to lose my patience so quickly with her.  

Missing: walking without swelling in my vagina (same as last week) 

Purchases: bought Ava’s new car seat (diono radian ) it’s much slimmer than her monstrous graco 4ever. It came in but I have to go pick it up. I bought a maternity pair of jeans and sweatshirt from old navy, they came in but I haven’t tried them on yet. 

Looking forward to: doctor appointment tomorrow 

update: looking great. Both strong and healthy heartbeats, she checked my cervix because I was petrified of a weak cervix and giving birth at 20 weeks. Perfect! Going in for blood work and ultrasound to check gallbladder 

Best moment of the week: telling more people and a handful of my students (I told them no, I wasn’t getting fatter just growing 2 babies in there). 

Clothes: ugh 😑 hate clothes. Maternity pants are no longer too big. I’ve been trying to hide my bump which has also led to some frustration. But today, I’d had it. I wore a tight shirt with an open cardigan. 

Exercise: getting Ava ready in the am or fir bed. Does that count?? 

14 weeks – veins are back and not on my legs

Ava – 14 weeks

Such a long week. Ava’s been potty training and very angry lol is it a coincidence? I don’t know. She threw a fit for 10 minutes about god knows what before bed.  Then she started wailing for her wuaconole – guacamole. She hasn’t been eating much (down 2 lbs since Christmas). So trying not to argue with her. I got her guacamole and chips and quesadilla she didn’t eat for dinner. She ate some and then was content. Also, in a lot of pain with swelling in my who-ha. More under movements…. but TWO snow days?! I was happy with 1 but 2 kind of sucks because if I’m on bedrest it cuts two more days of not getting paid or using a sick day (all 9 I have…) 

Weight gain: not a clue, no scale in my life. Doctor visit next week 

Eating: nausea is gone….. (hopefully) Monday I forgot to take my diceglis and I wasn’t Nauseous so I’ve just been taking the two night time doses. I haven’t cut those out just yet, afraid to have an awful night. I’ll cut it out in the next few days probably. Unless I get nausous again. 

Sleep: great, until last night. I had a horrible headache and went to bed at 7:30. Then I was up from 11:30-12:30, wide awake! Then didn’t sleep soundly the rest of the night. Hopefully this isn’t the pattern. 

Symptoms and Movement: not yet, and the pressure I mentioned last week… oh no it’s not my cervix. It’s varicose freakin’ veins in my who-ha!!! I didn’t have these until 35+ weeks with Ava. I am only 14 weeks… the next 20 something weeks are going to suck. I’ve tried to get off my feet but let’s face it, I’m a teacher. Even then I’m trying. But after a 9 hour day, I have a 2 year old. Yesterday I made the mistake of making dinner and not resting when I got home :/ pain upon pain. The swelling was bad. Today I made a point to recline and relax but again, I have to 2 year old. I hate to put this stress and extra work on hubby. He already cooks 95% of the time, we take turns making lunches. So tibhave to entertain AND put Ava to bed gets tough for him. He’s not sitting down until 8 or later. He’s trying to do more but it’s been tough. I know as this twin pregnancy progresses it will only get tougher. Trying to do what I can now before I can’t :/ 

Emotions: excited to tell people at work. Tired and mixed emotions about Ava’s cranky, feisty hating on me this week.  

Missing: walking without swelling in my vagina 

Purchases: nothing… not my ch online right now, should check out sales in stores but my motivation to go anywhere is non existent. 

Looking forward to: doctor appointment next week 

Best moment of the week: telling co-workers! 

Clothes: ugh 😑 hate clothes.  Maternity pants are too big and my pants are getting too tight. The belly band just wouldn’t cut it today with my skinny jeans. 

Exercise: yoga on Monday – that’s about it. Trying to hit 6,000 steps every day. Most days at work I hit it easily. 

13 weeks - twin bump is popin’

Ava at 13 weeks – Ava

Weight gain: at 10 weeks it was 3 lbs – didn’t get to weigh myself at the ultrasound and I don’t own a scale. I think it’s already too much. Feeling very big. 

Eating: nausea is still down but not gone. Still taking my 3 diceglis daily. I find I have more of an appetite but then if I eat too much I get cramps and bloated. So catch 22 of eating.  

Sleep: same as last week but finding it harder to sleep on my back, I wake up with the need to roll over pretty quickly. I mean they say sleep on your side in the 2nd trimester, well I technically didn’t hit the second trimester until today. I’ll probably break out the snoogle this week. 

Movement: not yet, still getting pressure on my cervix.  

Emotions: happy, excited, still not sure when I want to tell people. However that belly is getting harder and harder to hide. 

Missing: being able to bend over, seriously?! I’m only 13 weeks. 

Purchases: nothing… thinking I need some new Stuff soon. I put on a maternity shirt from Ava’s pregnancy tonight, it was too tight, not sure if it shrunk or I’m just shaped differently. 

Looking forward to: hitting 14 weeks, not hiding my bump, elective ultrasound for gender at 16 weeks. 

Best moment of the week: seeing them both on the big screen at my ultrasound. That was hubbys first time seeing them! 

Clothes: see purchases – I’m wearing t shirts that are maternity because they’re longer. Pants are still a bit big but I tealllly think I had a growth spurt in the past couple of days. 

Exercise: no yoga this week, got cancelled. Trying to keep moving as much as possible. 

12 weeks 

I think it’s time to start my weekly updates. I cannot believe how big my belly has gotten. Still trying to hide it with some strategic tunics.

 This was 12 weeks with Ava. Pregnancy – Ava 12 weeks

Weight gain: at 10 weeks it was 3 lbs (I re weighed myself when the nurse left without my clothes, I wasn’t accepting the 6lb weight gain) turns out I had 3 lbs of clothes/boots on lol

Eating: still keeping food in my belly to stave the nausea off. Cheese and crackers are my go to at work. I eat breakfast as soon as I get up to help too. But other than that, Not a lot of my eating habits have changed. Taking 3 diceglis not instead of 4. Sometimes I forget and only get 2 but half the time I forgot I’m nausous the other half I’m actually fine. 

Sleep: pretty good. Using a body pillow for my back and a flat pillow between my legs for my hips. I use a pillow in non- pregnancy so this isn’t new. My hips get out of whack easily which during pregnancy was tough the first time around. 

Movement: not yet, pressure on my cervix. Not sure if it’s twins, second pregnancy, the scars Ava left when she gave me 3rd degree sulcus tears, or what. It goes away once I sit and/or relax.  

Emotions: I’m a teary mess when I read sappy/sad things 

Missing: I was craving a sub sandwich this week. But not much else. 

Purchases: gearing up for the babies r us trade in event. Have 3 old car seats (2 from my inlaws and one from a best friend) and want to buy Ava’s new car seat and a crib. Need a double monitor and glider but the fine print says no gliders. We’ll see if I can sweet talk them into allowing it. 

Looking forward to: ultrasound onMonday!! 

Best moment of the week: not sure, I’ve just been very happy and content all week 

Clothes: took out my maternity stuff. I’ve only worn maternity pants once. But some tunics I bought for Ava’s pregnancy (not maternity) have been working nicely. I have like 3 pairs of pants that still fit lol so dresses are helpful too. My leggings don’t fit – too tight on the belly. So my lularoe ones are coming in handy. My sis in law even found black ones for me! What?! Black leggings! Yes! Check out my maternity page for hiding the baby bump! 

Exercise: doing yoga once a week (not prenatal) trying to take it easy which is hard because I normally push myself. But no major twists or inversions. My instructor/coworker knows and gives extra modifications for my benefit. I’ve gone for a few walks on warmer days but it’s been pretty cold and wet here. 
Oh bought a Doppler because I was scared, only $30?! They were more expensive during my last pregnancy. I looked into it but never bought one. The first time I spent 35 minutes finding the heartbeat. I kept hearing it ok the background but couldn’t catch it straight on! The next night, 5 minutes and may have found the second heartbeat. A few days later I found the heartbeat with a minute!! Then found the second one within another minute! 

Until Monday when I have my NT scan!! Praying all is well!

Sick little girl…

Thankfully I got a whole new batch of sick days this year. I’ve used 14 total (with Ivf, a death in the family, stomach bug and Ava’s sickness). 

Last Friday it was diarrhea (4 at daycare, none at home). Monday was a holiday, Tuesday the phone call came in the afternoon and hubby left to pick her up. Wednesday my mom was nice enough to call in sick so we didn’t have to (I did just take 2 days last week for the stomach bug). And low and behold Friday I got the call at 10am. So for $250 a week, Ava went to school 1 full day and 2 half days. The joys of daycare. 

We went to the doctors. I was hoping it was just her molars but it was the dreaded DOUBLE ear infection. She’s doing pretty well, not eating much and slept 3.5 hours. On a low note, she’s down to 23.5 lbs when she was over 25 at an appointment in December. So we have another weight check in a month. They aren’t overly concerned but don’t want to wait until June for another check. 

So alternating Motrin and Tylenol with amoxicillin twice a day. Hopefully she starts feeling better soon! 

I’ve never been the center of attention type…

Just as my title states, I hate being the center of attention. Now don’t get me wrong, I like some attention just not the CENTER of it. I see some movies and some of my friends do the “I’m pregnant!” and everyone giggles and squeals and awwws. I find it awkward to be in the middle of that, not my thing.

With our first pregnancy my Mom knew, we told my brother and his wife early and we told my inlaws probably around 8-10 weeks (I can’t remember), we did the whole picture with a sign. At 12-13 we really told a lot of people here and there (or I guess I did). But our friends knew and it started to spread that extended friends found out. But then we had the miscarriage, and that was the worst to keep track of who knew and make sure we tell them. I had a friend at work tell the people that already knew, so I didn’t have to. I didn’t want sympathy or “How ARE you doing?” I’m a private person, I don’t want to talk to you about my loss. The worst came with a friend of a friend text hubby with a congratulations probably 2 weeks after the miscarriage, that hit Ben really hard. So we were very guarded for pregnancy number 2.

With Ava, my mom knew early. And literally, I think everyone else didn’t know until 16 weeks. We did an elective ultrasound at 16 weeks 1 day and found out she was a girl. I was having a Lia Sophia party for my friend at the house, so last minute we changed it to a gender reveal party. When everyone showed up it was exciting to see their faces. Most of my friends “knew” I was. I had missed a lot of work, I hadn’t been drinking with them. But we cut our cake and the pink M&M’s came cascading out of the center. It was fun, but the attention didn’t stay on me. (see gender reveal post  It’s A Girl)  We never announced on facebook, baby bumps just started showing up in pictures.{My shower was tough with the attention. I hated being in the middle, I felt fake as I ooh’d and aah’d all the pretty stuff. Don’t get me wrong here, I am insanely appreciative of the gifts and I love almost all of them, but I’m not a gushy person.}

Anyways, that brings me to my next thought. How do I tell people about this pregnancy? Twins no less?? My mom knew right away because our transfer day landed on a weekend when Ava couldn’t go to daycare. My brother and sister in law knew almost right away, we told me inlaws last weekend at my mother in laws birthday dinner. I printed a picture of the ultrasound with clip art party hats on the babies. Then it read “Happy Birthday From Baby A and Baby B” My best friend at work knows, my closest group from high school knows and that’s about it. I thought about a small gender reveal but with the bump where it’s at now, I’m not lasting until 16 weeks again. I’m 11 and the bump  is lifting my regular shirts up (having to wear long shirts, tunics or maternity shirts). My pants are already elastic tied. I am hoping to make it to Jan. 30th (my NT scan and I will be 12.5 weeks). But still not sure how we will tell people. Just tell a few and let the gossip spread? My mother in law will take care of telling that side of the family, she’s already ready to shout it from the roof tops!

What have you done? How have you told people of your pregnancy?? When have you told the world??

Would you do a gender reveal for baby #2?

Decisions, Decisions….